Hotel Herrenhof Rennertshofen

For DTB GmbH we shot a small hotel in a even smaller city called Rennertshofen. Small but smart and they have a delicious kitchen !

BMW, Auto Salon Geneva 2012, Switzerland

For BMW, MINI und Rolls Royce we realized a very intense but satisfying photo shoot while day and night.

Agency BMW: Mutabor

MINI, Auto Salon Geneva 2012, Switzerland

Agency MINI: Meiré & Meiré

Rolls-Royce, Auto Salon Geneva 2012, Switzerland

Architecture Rolls-Royce: Puchner & Schum, Munich

BMW Group, Press Conferences Auto Salon Geneva 2012, Switzerland

Press conference at the Intl. Autosalon Geneva with Chairman Dr. Norbert Reithofer,
and members of the board Dr. Klaus Draeger and Dr. Ian Robertson

Car exhibition shooting and postproduction for BMW

The year started with a nice interior shooting including a lot of postproduction for BMW in one of my favorite museums designed by Karl Schwanzer in the 70th.
The concept car with a carbon skin is a stunning homage to the classic car BMW 328.


New series "Wire to wire" online

This grey scale series was shot in the bavarian winter nearby Augsburg. The silence within the landscape is
still in my ears.

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New series "Uplink" online

A mixture of odyssee 2001 and Tetris is the series "Uplink" shot in NYC.

Nominee Photography Masters Cup 2011

Nominated for the MASTERS CUP of the International color awards with the series "Restarchitektur"